G Maya Tree Service & Landscaping

We Are The Landscaper

You will see a difference in our company! G. Maya Tree Service & Landscaping is actively involved in making a difference. This difference includes keeping trees healthy, beautiful, and safe; and our clients happy and satisfied. We are a company that cares! We care about our customers and clients, and we care about people worldwide.

There are many tree companies in Waco, TX to choose from, but who do you choose? We believe choosing a tree service company for your commercial property should be done wisely.G. Maya Tree Service & Landscaping is fully insured with Worker’s Comp and Liability Insurance; we are Members of the Better Business Bureau.

Whether you own or manage an apartment complex, golf course, shopping center, or other commercial property, we welcome it all! Please contact us today to set up a free estimate for your property. The number to call is (254) 214-8470.


Why choose us for your tree trimming needs:

Trusted Aesthetics.

Trimming too much of a tree can put the tree into shock. There is also a time season to cut certain trees and a season not to. This is the knowledge that sets us apart.


We want our customers to know exactly what their paying for and how much they will be paying with no games or sales pitches. We’re proud to say that most of our work is done through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.

Save Time! And your life!

There is much more involved with trimming or removing a tree than meets the eye. If you plan on tackling this type of project on your own, you must first purchase the proper cutting equipment (a good chainsaw will average you $350), plus safety equipment and more. Next thing you know, you’ll wish you’d called us!


G. Maya Tree Service & Landscaping will also provide the highest quality of service within the neighborhood. What separates us from the other companies, is that our professionals are licensed to utilize restricted use products such as our high-powered stump grinder. These products are more efficient and effective; and will fix your tree problems more quickly and safely.

Stay Safe! Avoid Risks.

Tree trimming certainly is NOT a task that an unskilled homeowner should attempt! We have seen and heard of many people putting themselves in the most unnecessary life-threatening or property-threatening situations because they decided to save money and try to trim or remove their own tree.


Our goal is to guarantee that your tree service is provided properly, so that you don’t have to be trapped by unwanted branches in your path. We’re a locally owned company that really appreciates its customers.