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Tree Trimming

Maya Tree Service Inc. provides skilled tree trimming and pruning services throughout Waco, TX and its surrounding counties. Tree trimming, also commonly called tree pruning, is the most common tree maintenance procedure. It takes a skilled and knowledgeable tree professional to understand how the tree will respond, which limbs to remove, or trim back; know the quantity of limbs to safely remove without putting the trees health at risk, etc.Proper tree pruning by a knowledgeable tree trimmer helps maintain your trees health and beauty, keeps them safer, and influences flower and fruit production. We recommend to have your trees pruned on a regular basis (how often depends on the type of tree). Below are the different types of pruning methods involved in the tree care industry.


Crown Cleaning.

This is the most common tree trimming technique for landscape trees. It involves removing the dead, diseased, weak, or broken limbs from the tree. Regular crown cleaning is recommended in order to fix small growth problems before they turn into large problems.

Crown Lifting

This involves removing the lower branches of a tree to provide clearance under the tree for a variety of reasons including pedestrians, fences, buildings, etc.

Crown Reduction.

This tree trimming technique is used to decrease the height and spread of a tree. This takes the skill of a knowledgeable tree trimmer to understand how to properly cut back the trees limbs to achieve the proper shape and maintaining the sustenance of the remaining limbs.

Palm Trimming

Some palm tree species, such as the Mexican Fan Palm requires more frequent maintenance than others. Allowing the dead fronds from this type of palm to continually build up through the years results in an unsightly “skirt” that will be more costly to remove and can become the ideal home and breeding ground for unwanted animals, such as rats.

Crown Thinning.

This tree procedure involves selectively removing tree limbs in order to increase light penetration and improve overall structure. The tree’s health can also be improve with increased air flow through the tree, increased light stimulates and maintains interior foliage.


This is a specialty procedure that involves severely pruning the head of the tree the first year followed by sprout removal each year afterwards or every few years to maintain a modest size for large tree species. Pollarding is not effective for every tree species and should be performed by a knowledgeable tree professional.

Maya Tree Service Inc. is available for residential and commercial tree jobs throughout Waco, TX and other surrounding neighborhood. We would be happy to discuss your tree trimming needs. Contact us today at (254) 214-8470 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.